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Meet Milo!

Milo has a happy-go-lucky personality and the cutest, rarest markings! He loves to sit next to you with his head on your lap and chase balls across the room. He is a gorgeous red brindle (you NEVER see that in Havanese). We have been calling him Milo, but he really responds to any name or baby voice at this point. He will be ready for his new home mid to late June!

Meet Ruby!

Ruby is a happy, curious little puppy who loves to follow us and her mom around the house.  Her little tail is always wagging and she’s so observant.  She’s going to be a beautiful dog and a great companion!

Home Raised

Milo and Ruby were raised in our home along with their mom and our toddler.  They’ve been around and are good with all ages.

AKC Purebred

Our Dogs are AKC Registered Purebred Havanese Puppies. We are very proud of our bloodlines!

Rare Coloring

They are both red brindle which we think is absolutely gorgeous!

Paper Training

We have begun paper training both puppies, will be a head start for potty training.

Fun and Sweet

Sweet and curious puppies, they love to play and be held.

More photos of Milo!

Havanese Puppy Milo
Havanese Puppy Milo
Havanese Puppy Milo

More photos of Ruby!

Havanese Puppy Ruby
Havanese Puppy Ruby
Havanese Puppy Ruby
Havanese Puppy Ruby

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